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How to reinforce the use of condoms

The following are some of the possible strategies that can be used to emphasize the use of condoms as contraceptives, both male and female condoms:

1: If you are unaware of your HIV status and sexually active, visit a health institution and have yourself tested. Research has shown that knowing one's status generally increases the sense of responsibility one has toward protecting themselves and others from HIV. This translates to more people using condoms.
2: Performing a personal risk assessment can help individualize the risk factors that make you personally susceptible to infection. By better understanding your personal risk, you can make more informed decisions on how to protect yourself. This involves having a condom anytime you want to have sex.
3: Instead of addressing HIV transmission in general terms, find information in plain language on transmission risk for different categories of people; men, women and the youth which can easily be found at your nearest women's health facility, public clinic, or LGBT community center. This can provide information-sharing specific to your needs, particularly in regard to safer sex strategies. This will help impact a group of like-minded people together.
4: Sexual education interventions that will include instructions on the correct use of contraceptives so as to overcome many of the perceived barriers to condom use. In one study, condom use increased from 29% to 71% in a group of at-risk, heterosexual men after a single educational intervention. This will instill personal responsibility among people.
5: Mix it up. Try to integrate condoms into your sexual play. Vary colors or explore creative ways to put them on. If you have a fit problem, explore variations that you can buy online and in the process you will find what suits you best.
6: Don't count out the use of female condom as they may enhance sex play...the external ring may stimulate the clitoris during vaginal intercourse. Female condoms also provide proactive controls to women who might be less able to negotiate safer sex.
7: By and large, reducing the numbers of sex partners correlates to higher condom use. Studies suggest that this reduces the number of anonymous sexual encounters, while incentivizing greater discussionabout sexual health and in the control of HIV AIDS and other STDS.